“At a very young age, I understood the profound impact of aesthetic spaces on my own existence and that of others. Since then, my curiosity knows no bounds. Every space I entered, every new home built in a neighborhood, received a fresh sketch in my mind. I transformed passion into a profession, embarking on a 25-year journey alongside dear individuals, shaping and creating the essence of life itself.”


Established in 1999, Daniel Hasson Studio specializes in the interior design of luxury apartments, residential buildings, private homes, commercial spaces, and hotels both in Israel and around the world. Our studio is characterized by a clean and luxurious aesthetic that blends eclectic design and art, inspired by the harmony found in the fusion of diverse styles and the creation of a design world drawing inspiration from various and varied sources, much like life itself.
Daniel Hasson

We believe in Total Design, addressing every small detail as significant. We accompany each project from the first sketch, through the development of a matching design concept, finding technical solutions, and selecting furnishings. Daniel’s passion, along with our family-like studio team, creates meticulously designed spaces with the purpose of harmonious and practical living. As artist Vincent Van Gogh said, ‘Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.’ This is our way.